Saturday, December 4, 2010

Downtown Tree Lighting

We attended downtown Oneonta's annual Christmas tree lighting festivities, and Graham certainly was full of the holiday spirit!
The kids got to meet Blitzen who made the long trip up with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

(Blitzen and Graham apparently have the same attitude when it comes to smiling for pictures!)

There were free horse drawn wagon rides...

and the store windows had live dancers!
Killian and Graham were mesmerized by the twirling beauties.

(Later, as we're getting ready for bed, Graham asked us if the dancers could come over to our house. He specifically asked for the purple dress lady below. I guess she made an impression!)

We then stopped into the Historical Society to see what they had going for the holiday.
They have restored a player piano that was originally built by a company right here in Oneonta back in the early 1900's and I was glad to see that some of the Christmas rolls I had donated were out to be enjoyed. It's been awhile since I had mine, but it felt good to get back on the bench again, and before long a crowd had gathered behind us to sing carols. (Funny side note, Killians mom Erika saw me at the piano and was stunned to hear me play so beautifully!)
Look Ma, no hands!

They were also exhibiting an interactive electric train display that I think was the highlight of Grahams evening.

Soon it was time to go, but there are still a lot more things to do before Christmas arrives!

It really is something special to relive the magic of the season through Graham's eyes.

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