Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Slaughter

We took our pumpkins to the Harter's house for our annual carving night. Graham had picked his own little pumpkin this year, and we were a little concerned about how he would react to us stabbing it... luckily once he saw the girls elbow-deep in pumpkin seeds he wanted to participate. Not touch the guts, but you know-- use the knife! After that initial struggle (I won), he drew me a picture of what his jack o'lantern should look like. Tons of squiggly lines look cool, but I had to simplify it down a bit in order to make it carvable (and to make it look like a face for that matter).

Emily and Anna's designs get more elaborate every year. Wesley (of course) won the award for speed carving. Jim turned his stem into a nose in a nod to Graham's signature "silly face." And my own pumpkin was transformed into a cat, in memory of our old friend, Killer.

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