Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Greeting

So it's that time of year -- the time I stress about having the perfect photo for the holiday card. We got lucky last year (see above) --a stranger snapped a cute shot in October which we pulled out for our card project a couple months later. Unfortunately there's been a lot less cooperation in the "Say Cheese!" Department this fall, so we have enlisted our friend Diana to take a few pics for us in early December...

In the meantime I have been perusing Shutterfly for "the card" that will hold the yet to be taken perfect holiday photo. We've used Shutterfly for about 5 years now-- we upload all our photos there (they store them for free and you can order archive dvds really affordably). Plus you can even keep a blog with them (also free!) -- we used this special feature when we collected family photos from my aunts and uncles for Grandma Shirley's 90th birthday. We then easily imported them to make an awesome photo book for her (and some relatives ordered their own copies and even specific photos. Being able to get copies of JUST the old photos each person wanted was an added bonus and Grandma loved her present).

I love to think I will pull together another huge project like that before the holidays, but time isn't on my side, I guess. I may fit in a photo calendar. Fingers crossed we get a great shot this weekend. But if we don't we can always use one of their non-photo card to send our holiday cheer!


If you love Shutterfly and you have a blog you can earn 50 free cards for helping spread the word, just like me. Click for more details!

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