Monday, November 15, 2010

The National Zoo

During our time in VA we took a trip to the National Zoo. Abby had to work so Uncle Jason took over the role as tour guide. Our day started off with a highly anticipated trip on the Metro train. Here Uncle Jason and Graham wait patiently for the train. (notice their cleverly crossed ankles)

Graham loved the ride, utilizing some of his time to review the morning news.

The Zoo itself is full of wonderful exhibits, and Graham was all smiles.

We even saw the new baby gorilla!

And a very sleepy tiger.

Here a concerned Graham checks out the dinosaur skull. (Who's that kid photobombing my son??)

Nice pic, even if he is trying to escape my grasp to go look at the pandas!

Stepping on shadows became a great way to help him keep up with us!

Outside the Zoo.
Here we stopped for a break on the way back to the Metro to do a little yelling.

Thanks Uncle Jason!

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