Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Decorating

It's that time of year again when 58 Hudson gets ready for it's annual Christmas display! My Nemesis down the street had his decorations up the day after Halloween, but we like to take a bit more time to plan, especially because this year Melissa consented to let me break the tradition of having a classy Martha Stewart style display and go for something a bit more kid friendly:
Retro 1950's blow molds! Behold the Santa train!

That's a great picture of Graham. It kind of looks like he's suddenly hi-jacked the train and a startled Santa's ready to swat him off to protect the toyload.

Graham had a ball playing with it in the living room, and I cannot tell you how mad he was when he came home from preschool and saw I had put it on the roof. ("Daddy, WHAT DID YOU DOOOO?!")

Here's a daytime shot of the finished set up. (Big shout-out Thank you to Jason for his help with the garland!)

The 2 lamp posts by the porch are also blow molds that came from the old Bresee's department store displays that people are still talking about. (They were a gift to us from Melissa's sister who scored them at auction. Thanks Amanda!) I kept the lighting the same red and white configuration we usually have, (no need to go overboard all at once, I figure I'll add a bit more each year to keep under Mel's radar!)

I also need to thank Abby who was this years winner of the "Who gets shoved up the tiny hatchway into the dark, dirty attic crawlspace to pull the wreath up" contest. Although Amanda currently holds the record for this event, Graham was very excited to see the debacle unfold and may be a threat to her title in the coming years. ("Abs! What did you find up there? Are there toys? Did you find a Thomas train? Can I see? What are you doo-ing?")

Here's a night shot-

We're also planning on multicolored lights for this year's tree (Melissa liked the pure white look, but Graham has something different in mind!)

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  1. I love the picture of the kids at the window. And hey, anytime you need someone to go up in the attic, call Amanda. :)