Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!

After much practice and anticipation, Hallowe'en was finally here!

It was a rough start to our evening when the first trick or treaters arrived (very early) at our house. Graham got very upset, tears flowed, and he began yelling that it was his candy, and he didn't want to share it. I hurried the startled kids down the steps ("Quick- take it! Go! Go! Go!") while Mommy took him inside and explained that although we are giving some candy away, we would go out soon and get some back. He accepted this for the moment, but I don't think he really believed it until we actually started going door to door, then it was all smiles! (Trust me it's there!)

Graham has become a bit camera shy (he prefers taking the pictures these days) so we told him to look at the birds so we could get at least one full body shot of his costume with his ears propped up.

After hitting a few houses along our street we headed over to the Harter's for their annual Hallowe'en party. This year's delicacy was the ever tasty ghoulish meat hand! (The onion finger nails and cheddar cheese skin made it extra creepy and delicious!)

While the rest of the kids finished their trick or treating, Graham joined me back at our house to pass out candy. This time he eagerly awaited the kids stating, "Here comes another customer," every time one approached. He was very strict about how candy would be distributed. Candy could not be served from a bowl-- only from the original bag -- and only he was allowed hand it out. ("It's my job!") Luckily he was generous, giving very big hand fulls of candy to each visitor.

Then- it snowed!

The kids didn't let that dampen the fun.

By 7, it was time to head out to the parade. Graham had become tired of changing in and out of the bunny costume, and was just happy to wear his new warm chicken hat. (Hey, it worked!)

He also brought his new french horn to play along with the bands!

The costumes never cease to amaze. We didn't get any great pics along the parade route, but Mel's favorite was a kid dressed up like a Lego person. And our neighbors actually one a prize for Cruella DeVille (mom), Henchman (dad), and three (kid) dalmations. We LOVE Hallowe'en!

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