Monday, November 8, 2010

Guess who's coming for tea?

It started innocent enough.... Graham began talking about a girl he saw on television. Her name is Stephanie, and she's the star of Lazytown.

He began talking about how he wanted her to come over to play in the tea house Grandma and I built for him last Christmas.

Alas, his love for Stephanie didn't last long when he discovered the Scooby-Doo mysteries and more importantly- the older and more sophisticated Daphne.

His desire for Daphne's company was so great he began creating clever ways to meet her. He came up with the idea that if Plex, the robot from Yo Gabba Gabba shrunk him down, he could crawl into a little hole in the side of the TV. (He assured us he would take some camping gear so he could sleep with the girls in their tent (!?), and bring a sandwich so we didn't have to worry about him.)

He even suggested calling Team Umi-Zoomi to use their mighty math skills to help him, because helping people is what they do best.

(Funny side story- while in CT we let the maid clean the hotel room after a few days and when we got back Graham was alarmed that someone had taken the crackers he had left on the table. He went to the room phone (that I had disconnected the first day we were there) and shouted, "Help! Help me Team Umi Zoomi! My crackers and milk are gone!" Melissa and I were all smiles at this imaginative play until he said, "Mommy can't help me". It was then I noticed the phone was back by the bedside and I quickly took it from him and heard the woman at the front desk asking him, "Are you alone in the room?" Apparently the maid reconnected the phone, and after explaining the situation the woman laughed and said his snacks were probably in the fridge. I told him this, and after running over to see it was indeed true, he shouted, "Thank you team Umi-Zoomi. I knew you could help!" So now whenever there's a problem, they're the first people he calls.)

The fixation on Daphne and the gang got so bad one morning he even told me he couldn't go on a play date at his friend's house because, "Daphne is coming over- she'll be here ANY MINUTE." I told him we could leave a note for her telling her where we'd be. "That's a great idea!" he said excitedly, and composed his first love letter-

Translated (exactly as it was read to me by Graham) :
Dear Daphne, I'm going over to Killian's house, you can play with his toys there, or you can have a snack. You are my friend- Graham

But sadly she never came (probably too busy with that Fred guy) and soon his attention drifted to another. Can you guess which one?

That saucy redhead on the right is Marina, from the Fresh Beat Band. She plays drums, and sings, and dances, and has some really cool friends, and suddenly Graham decided wanted to join the band and enjoy making music and sipping frosty smoothies at the "Groovy Smoothie" Snack Shack. These adventures with the Band filled his dreams. (Every morning he'd tell us about them.) It seemed that Marina had everything a boy could ask for.

Except a cupcake theme.

Enter Strawberry Shortcake. (Not the original, but the new one on the right)
Graham saw her on a bottle of bubble bath at the store and new right away she was the one for him, and seeing her in the New Adventures of Strawberry Shortcake on TV clinched the deal.
Not only was she everything he liked in a woman, but she had friends like "Lemon-Cake what's her name," "Blueberry something or other,", and "the Plum Girl".

Truly this was a romance that would last forever, right?


Oh, for the love! He's not even a girl, or a redhead. (Or even human for that matter.)
I thought it would be a passing fancy but it's gone on for a few days now. He's even talking about asking Santa Claus to "Go to the Dino store where he can get me a Barney toy that would go POP and then Barney would come to life and have a party at my house."

We gotta cut back on the TV time.


  1. This is your own fault for letting him watch Barney. :) I love the hotel story.

  2. Dear Graham,

    I see a pattern emerging here in your young life that I feel a need to caution you about. As I am generally the "uninvolved uncle" I take this moment to give you some advice and create a bonding moment for us. Girls with red hair are fascinating it's true, but they can only lead you down a dark and dangerous path. You may indeed find love and luck with one of them, but rest assured, something lurks within them. Do yourself a giant favor and find a nice quiet brown-haired girl to love. I recommend Princess Leia to start.


    Uncle Ethan

    P.S. If she invites you to her space pad to "teach you the ways of the force" go with her. Remember what Master Yoda said..."Do or do not, there is no try."

  3. ...and this is only the beginning.
    love, DeeDee

  4. Oh my!!!!
    The stories are too cute!!! what a lady's man he's turning out to be(except for Barney...)!!!

    He's probably pretty safe with keeping all his girls not finding about each other since they do all live in their own universes! : )