Monday, November 15, 2010

Camp Bristow

Abby might have missed out on the fun at the zoo, but she made up for it quickly with a baking and crafting combo session Friday night. There was cake to be made...

and a model train to be built (from recycled items no less).

Watch for the foreshadowing in this video clip... in fact there was plenty of laundry to be done later that evening, but the cake batter was the least of our worries.

It was a good thing we got all our projects in so quickly, because the plague that took out Jim on Friday night hit Graham and wiped him out on the couch all day Saturday. Sad, sad, sad.

Ever the hostess, Abby made sure we had plenty of fluids, lots of rest and a bowl at the ready. (Most people don't know this, but she has super fast reflexes that come in handy when reacting to vomitous preschoolers.)

1 comment:

  1. My reaction time decreases when faced with projectile vomit coming towards me. :)
    I was happy to take care of the gang. Hopefully next time everyone will stay healthy.