Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Weekend Away

Once again we made a business/pleasure trip to Connecticut. We enjoyed a few wonderful nights at Grandma Strolin's house where Graham played non-stop with his cousin Rachael, but in true Daddy style I took absolutely no photos. (I left the camera at the hotel)
Grandma spoiled Graham with some belated Birthday presents and 2 cakes, one for just us on Wednesday night and another for the whole family on Thursday.
(That makes the grand total of  5 different Birthday cakes Graham has enjoyed this month!)

We also made not one, but TWO trips to Stew Leonard's to see Graham's friend Clover the Cow.

And Graham got a new winter hat!

We also got to visit Uncle Baci (Anthony) and Uncle Cookie (Ed) and share some yummy Halloween cupcakes. I tried to warn everyone that the frosting stained my finger, but before they would listen Graham had already put his face in one, and Uncle Cookie, ever the comedian, gave himself a Groucho mustache!

On the way out of town we stopped by to see Betsy and Chris. Dean was not there, he was scoping out colleges, but so far SUNY seems to be in the lead of his choices. It would be awesome if he were to live close by so we could help keep an eye on him! 

Here's a neat shot of Mommy taking a picture of Graham ...

who was taking a picture of Mommy!

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  1. He seems to have learned a lesson from him mother on how to celebrate birthdays. :)