Sunday, October 3, 2010

Waffles and puppets and cider. Oh my!

There is certainly no shortage of weekend festivals this time of year. And it didn't take much to convince our friend Tom to make the trip up from CT to help us check a few out.

We started at Brewery Ommegang for Waffles and Puppets. We learned our lesson from last year and arrived in time to taste the delicious sugar waffles with chocolate for ourselves. Nice and chewy with a super crispy and sweet exterior. I'd say it was worth standing in the 20 minute line, but Jim did the waiting for me... :) Thanks, honey!
While Jim took one for the team, Graham and I watched a clown with some amazing juggling tricks. I was surprised that Graham was really engaged with the show. After a quick break for some more delicious pumpkin soup and brats, we made our way back into the tent for a marionette show.
Mr. Independent settled himself right into the middle of the kids without a thought of leaving us on the sidelines.
I kept a watchful eye -- my position had the added benefit of checking out the behind the scenes action!
After the show we made our way to Fly Creek for some cider. The line literally wrapped around the building, so we spent some time outside and enjoyed some ice cream and fed the ducks. Graham decided that he certainly DID like cider (three samples later, thank you very much) and even cooperated for the the annual measuring on the apple yardstick.

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