Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Number Three

Our little boy has some very clear ideas about what he wants and is never to shy to share them.

After the cowboy party, I tried to explain that we would have another special celebration with Grandma and Grandpa on his real birthday. He politely turned me down, "No thank you, I had enough party!"

He passed on his crown at school; he explained to his teacher, I'm not a king and no singing! He did however eat his cupcake happily and reported back that it had lots of sprinkles.
We were able to coerce him to wear the crown while we mixed the cake.

I had made the design choices for the weekend, so for this cake it was Graham's pick: vanilla with blue frosting.

All the festivities must have taken a toll. He slept until nearly 10 AM this morning, but it was worth it!

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  1. Happy birthday to the king! I like the blue frosting. That looks like one of Aunt Laurel's signature cake colors.