Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 Year Check Up

Graham weighed in at 35.1 pounds and measured 38.5 inches tall-- that's seventy fifth percentile for both measurements. He kept Dr. Mooney on task, continually asking, Okay, what do we check next?

Graham got to use the blood pressure cuff for the first time and did terrific big breaths while she listened with her stethescope. When she explained the nurses were going to give him some shots, our little chatterbox told her, No-- that's owie! They did it quickly but there were real tears and an emphatic proclamation, I'm SO MAD!

...One chocolate milk shake later, he seems to be no worse for wear.


  1. Unless you are lactose intolerant LOL

  2. Since when did that stop us from having milkshakes?