Monday, September 27, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

Aunt Lizzie joined us at the Cooperstown Pumpkinfest, and this year they had some whoppers. We watched as they hoisted them onto the scale with heavy equipment --the biggest was over 1500 pounds... that's a lot of pie.

We enjoyed pumpkin soup, and cotton candy, and made friends with some alpacas.

Sunday morning we made our way to Pie in the Sky for pancakes and some pumpkins of our own.

Here Graham helps Jim pick the most perfect pumpkin in the patch. (No... that one!)


  1. It was was a fun filled weekend -- awesome pumpkin chile, alpacas and lots and lots of pumpkins. And let's not forget our Jersey Girls marathon -- good times.

  2. Party of Two.... Three's a Crowd!