Wednesday, August 4, 2010

County Fair

The first signal that summer is coming to an end is the traditional trip to the Otsego County Fair. It's a sure way to see everyone Melissa knows from childhood in one fell swoop. This year we were lucky enough to meet up with her friend Joan Booker and family. (Sadly, we have no photographic evidence but her little girl Katie is a doll!)

The fair was full of the usual excitement- the parade, animals and delicious fair foods. (Melissa likes the special french fries, Graham's a big fan of the pink cotton candy.)

A mama pig and her piglets and sheep kisses.
And this year I even took time for one of the rides. Look carefully below and you'll see Graham and I enjoying his first Ferris wheel ride ever! (I tried to get him on the toddler rides, but he wanted nothing to do with them, insisting he wanted to go on the "Big Circle.")

Graham was very impressed with the ride as it was loading, but as it began to go full speed he stated, "Ok, let's go see Mommy" and repeatedly attempted to exit the car. I told him gently he had to remain seated, because Daddy is scared of heights and will pee himself if he starts to rock the friggin' carriage. (I didn't really say that last part out loud, but the sentiment was there.)

It won't be long before we hit our first roller coaster!

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