Friday, August 27, 2010

Maddie and Ethan

My friend David and his wife Sam were in town for a visit to the Hall of Fame. We met up for ice cream and caught up on what was new since our days at the Q, while Ethan, Maddie and Graham played a rousing game of hide and seek. I am always so grateful when older kids take an interest in Graham and Maddie and Ethan both were so kind and patient with him. It was a real treat to spend time with such a very special family.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rocket Ship

And like generations of kids before them, these 3 decided that the cardboard box is the most interesting toy in the house.

Killian, Joseph and Graham collect a "planet" as they pretend to be astronauts in their "Rocket ship" box!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holiday with Hollis and Ray

Aunt Hollis and Uncle Ray came for baseball. They ended up with a soggy tent. So, we took them to Pie in the Sky. Ice Cream cures all.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Graham has taken a liking to using our digital camera, and after a few hundred trial and error pictures of his fingers blocking the lens, he's finally mastered it.
The neat thing is, he has several very cool shots, all from his perspective that I'm thinking of making into a book or something. Here's a few examples-

"Pepper's nose"



"Melon on the counter"

"Afghan on red chair"

"Ebony and Ivory"

(This next one is tricky)
"Upside-down Cowboy doll on 70's shag rug from Mommy's old dollhouse"

And finally, "We need more juice"
(I had to yell at 3 times to close the refrigerator.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


We grew GARLIC! Sharyn shared the plants last year. Not knowing (exactly) what it was, I never harvested it. It came back this spring and it's such a nice addition to our fresh tomato sauce... next year, we'll do it on purpose!


Amanda came into town for a nice laid back visit that included nap time pedicures for her and me in trade for hair cuts she performed on Korky and Pepper. Mom and Dad really got their money's worth out of the Saturday Seminar. Thanks, DeeDee!

Girls love a man with a tractor!

Aunt Amanda helps model (and steer) the newly restored tractor I finally finished for Graham as a neighborhood friend watches.
Here's a shot of it before the restoration-

I rushed to get it finished this Summer because I thought he was going to be too big for it, but in reality he barely reaches the pedals so luckily we'll get a few more good years out of it!

It's been painted Farmall red to match Grandpa's tractor and Graham proudly rides it shirtless which is all the rage around these parts.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Muddy Puddles

This summer has been SO MUCH better than last year's which was more of a Monsoon Season. The rains we have gotten have been warm and fun to play in.

Jim got a great deal on this wagon from a friend who is moving out of state. I was a little skeptical (it's our third wagon?) but Graham is a huge fan. And I love hearing him yell, "Faster Daddy, faster!"

Graham loves putting on his rain boots "all by himself" to play in the puddles. Half the time they are on the right feet. Jim has done a good job teaching Graham that the biggest puddles create the most splash. So even when we're out for a walk, we can't let one of those pass by!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

County Fair

The first signal that summer is coming to an end is the traditional trip to the Otsego County Fair. It's a sure way to see everyone Melissa knows from childhood in one fell swoop. This year we were lucky enough to meet up with her friend Joan Booker and family. (Sadly, we have no photographic evidence but her little girl Katie is a doll!)

The fair was full of the usual excitement- the parade, animals and delicious fair foods. (Melissa likes the special french fries, Graham's a big fan of the pink cotton candy.)

A mama pig and her piglets and sheep kisses.
And this year I even took time for one of the rides. Look carefully below and you'll see Graham and I enjoying his first Ferris wheel ride ever! (I tried to get him on the toddler rides, but he wanted nothing to do with them, insisting he wanted to go on the "Big Circle.")

Graham was very impressed with the ride as it was loading, but as it began to go full speed he stated, "Ok, let's go see Mommy" and repeatedly attempted to exit the car. I told him gently he had to remain seated, because Daddy is scared of heights and will pee himself if he starts to rock the friggin' carriage. (I didn't really say that last part out loud, but the sentiment was there.)

It won't be long before we hit our first roller coaster!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Halcyon Days 2010

This summer marks 20 years since my friend Katie and I first met in our freshman dorm room. She's still short. And she still makes me laugh. And she understands my deep love of homonyms.

We've been through good times, and bad. But mostly good. And if you'd told me 20 years ago I would be lucky enough to sit on the porch at Halcyon in 2010 and take the picture of our children you see here, I could only hope you would be right.

Shreyas and Shivanjali are bright, loving and engaging. And so sweet to Graham who tried hard to keep up!

The weather was gorgeous; our hostesses so lovely. Our time at the lake was practically perfect in every way.

Graham's first game of mini golf. (3 holes would have been enough.)

Molly Malone's in the Village.

The Skipper.
And Maryann.
A late afternoon swim.
A bath before dinner.

One happy tired boy and his mama.

Thank you Katie and family for sharing Halcyon (again and again).