Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Concerts

The Neahwa Park Thursday night concerts are good family fun. You can bring a snack, enjoy a show and not worry that your soon-to-be-preschooler wants to dance, dance, dance! (Who can complain about a free evening out?)

Graham walked the entire way there, and still had enough energy for a full fledged wrestling match with Daddy Boy. On the walk home, he needed a little help; trust me, carrying a 32 pound kiddo home is quite a work out.

Despite the literal weight on our shoulders it was enjoyable, and a great chance to talk about all the different flowers our neighbors grow. We picked some Queen Anne's Lace under the highway, and brought it home for a special lesson my mom taught Abby, Amanda and me back in the day-- food color + water makes a very pretty display. I hope I remember sooner next year so we can do it with daisies in the spring.

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