Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

We celebrated the 4th with a BBQ Birthday celebration for Melissa's Mom.

Pictured above are Aunt Karen (Jack's wife) Aunt Lorraine (Mom's sister) Mom, Abby, Jack (Mom's brother) and Amanda.

Mom unveiled a beautiful quilt she made for Abby and Jason. The picture truly does not do it justice.

Graham loved the attention everyone showered on him.

Here he cheeses for a shot with his Aunties

and here he is posing with Grandpa wearing a matching "Black Cat fireworks" hat.

Graham has no idea about Grandpa's love of fireworks yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before we introduce him to the wonderful world of home pyrotechnics.

Uncle Jason and Uncle Ethan were also on hand to play some games.

Among Graham's favorites were "Duck, duck-Goose", "Ring around the Rosie" and the the tickle game below which to an outside observer looks more like a toddler mugging.

Later in the evening we went downtown to see the city's fireworks show.

Although Graham loves the colors, he is still very sensitive to loud noises (other than his own!) so he spent the entire hour like this:

Yay for glow sticks!


  1. First of all, he had the cookies so the mugging was warranted. :) Second, glow sticks are awesome. We should have them at every holiday. Third, mom did an awesome job on the quilt. thanks, mom! Fourth, why no pictures of Uncle Eth playing tag? ;)

  2. i haven't had time to edit the ethan video LOL. he was a good sport!