Monday, July 26, 2010


Summer's finally in full swing, so Graham and I took a 4 wheeler ride around the farm to find (and eat) the wild raspberries, and black caps that are ripening.

Safety first!

The blueberries are also ripening, so we decided it was time Graham joined Grandma in a blueberry outing at the Otsdawa Blueberry Farm.

Grandma Jean takes her blueberry picking very seriously, and it's become a kind of therapeutic addiction for her. It's one we encourage because not only is it a nice relaxing way to spend a summer afternoon, but we get to reap the benefits of her labor in the form of muffins, pancakes and pies throughout the year!

Our short visit yeilded 5 pounds, plus whatever Graham ate.

Now all we need some homemade vanilla ice cream!

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