Thursday, June 17, 2010

Raptor Project

We put our membership to the Popp Butterfly Conservatory here in Oneonta to good use by taking Graham to see the Raptor Project. Jonathan Wood travels around the country showing his gallery of rehabilitated falcons, eagles, owls and other predatory birds.

Graham got to see a lot of them up close, including these baby falcons-

After the show we went inside to see the birds, lizards, turtles and of course, the butterflies in the conservatory.

It's not a big facility, but there's always lots to see, and it does let you get really close to the action.

When we entered the show we each got a little ladybug stamp on our hands showing we paid admission and as we left, the woman who runs the place offered Graham a few different stamps.
He got a little bird stamped on his hand, and then a very inky butterfly on his forearm. Unfortunately it was so inky that even after a short walk to the car it hadn't dried yet, and Graham, while wiping his brow, marked himself.

Luckily whatever they put in those baby wipes was good enough to get most of it off, leaving just a gray shadow for a day or two.

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  1. I thought he was just trying out the unibrow look.