Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Calf Pasture Beach

During out trip to Norwalk, we took Graham to my old stomping grounds at Calf Pasture Beach. This was Graham's first visit to an actual oceanside beach and he was eager to get his feet wet.

Mommy supervised the sand castle construction while Graham and I made several trips to the tideline to fetch water for her.

We even got lucky and found a crab!

Graham loved the water and sand, but was a bit skittish about the seaweed. He said he didn't like the way it tickled his feet. Melissa wanted to relax in the sun, so I told her Graham and I would go check out the playground. What we found however, was that the old snack bar (now run by Stew Leonard's) had opened and that they were serving ice cream.

After not hearing from us in awhile, Melissa came looking and we were busted.

After assuring her were were really going to bring her back something, we all walked out to the long pier to see the view and watch a few fishermen. Although dissapointed he didn't have a fishing pole with him, Graham was happy to find there was a spicket for splashing around in.

Here he runs all the way back to shore:

The beach seemed smaller than I remember it, but it still holds that same warm feeling of family for me.


  1. Nice hat Graham! It could really use a pink ribbon though.

  2. I was also curious, is that Melissa's old hat? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  3. It is Melissa's old hat. We found it while cleaning out the car and I put it on as a joke, and he decided it was his hat.
    Besides his "newsie" hat it's the only one he'll wear.