Saturday, June 5, 2010


We went to Annutto's to buy herbs and tomatoes for our raised garden, and took some time to run through the sprinklers. Seeing Graham so happy really makes me miss being a kid. Fortunately I get to relive these simple summertime pleasures with him.

By the way, Graham is a pro at working the hose, so if you see him holding it, and it looks like he's struggling, be warned- It's a trick.


  1. He's inherited some sort of water fight gene from his grandmother, that is for sure.
    Melissa, make sure to put away any boxes of craft supplies if he starts walking around with a frying pan filled with water. :)

  2. Did we ever tell Mom about that incident? If not, we may now 20 years later, be busted.

  3. I think we told her...

    Don't worry, Mom. The reed all dried out just fine. :)