Sunday, May 30, 2010

Up and Away

As I was coming home from work I spotted this hot air balloon floating over our neighborhood, and I called Melissa so she and Graham could see it. He has been a big fan of them ever since last year's Balloon Festival at Neahwa park . On more than one occasion he woke up and told us stories of how he saw a hot air balloon at his school (apparently in his dreams), so I knew he'd be excited.

By the time I got home it had already passed over our house and was heading East, so while Melissa started the coffee, I grabbed Graham (still in his pj's) and we started to chase it down Main Street. We stopped at a few parking lots along the way, and pulled over so Graham could stand on the truck tool box and wave as they passed overhead. They were low enough that they could see us, and Graham was thrilled when they waved and shouted back.

I asked him where he thought they were going, and he replied, "They going Price Chopper to get cheese." It was an odd answer, but since Price Chopper was only a few more blocks in the right direction, I took him there to watch it pass over one last time, and wouldn't you know it?

He was right.

The balloon looked lower than ever, and it suddenly occurred to me that it may actually hit a light pole or tree, (or Price Chopper itself) and I may be faced with the guilt of forever scarring my 2.5 year old with an eye witness account of a toddler size version of the Hindenburg.
Luckily, it cleared all obstacles and proceeded to land in a tiny grass area of to the side of the lot. Here's some video of the almost perfect landing.

We walked over and shook hands with everyone, and as we watched the balloon deflate, I told them of Graham's prediction, and one of the gentleman riding told him that he did in fact like cheese, and that he would be sure to go over to get some.

Graham was delighted.

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  1. I think every hot air balloon ride should end with a trip to the price chopper. Graham must have gotten his balloon intuition from Grandma.