Sunday, May 23, 2010

Road Trip

We took a trip this weekend to visit Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ethan in Geneva, and while en route, we made a quick detour to see Taughannock Falls . It's been 2 years since Melissa and Graham had been there with Grandma Jean, and although the falls may not have changed much, Graham sure has!

Graham was definitely more interested in the falls than posing for the camera this time, but we were able to capture a few quick smiles.

After a quick snack and diaper change, we were off to Amanda's where she and Ethan took us to the Seneca Yacht Club for a delicious BBQ by the lakeside.

We just about finished dinner when raindrops caused us to pack everything up and go for ice cream. (Which of course was perfectly fine with Graham)

The next morning we headed out to visit Aunt Lizzie and see her new house!

It's a beautiful 1950's 2 story with a finished basement I'm still a bit jealous of. (Complete with gas stove hook up and 2 giant work sinks that were used for canning by the original owner)Graham loved the tour of the house, but the big thrill for him was the storm door on the back porch. He must have opened and closed that thing about a hundred times.

After enjoying lunch with Liz and her Mom, we then headed off to the Lilac Festival. Graham loves pointing out buses he sees in our everyday travels, but you can't imagine the excitement he had when he learned we were actually going to ride on a real school bus that shuttled us to the event.

It was really the best part of the festival!

The next morning Amanda made us delicious crepes while Uncle Ethan showed Graham the awesome responsibility of the sous chef.

It was a very tasty end to a really fun weekend!


  1. He looks like a big boy riding that school bus.
    I love the fruit salad picture and video. Don't worry G, ethan never lets me use the big knives either. ;)

  2. Love the photo of a handsome boy at the top(front/beginning?!) with his hair parted and all!!!