Saturday, May 1, 2010

Plymouth Meeting Mall

The great thing about Mommy's office is that it's connected to a mall. This is where Graham and I would casually wander around and kill a few hours when he was very small.
It's not a big mall, but it does have a nice fountain, and it seems like just yesterday that I would feed him a bottle, park the stroller nearby and he'd gaze at the water until he drifted off to sleep.
Yeah, well today's toddler isn't so easily amused. Now it takes money! Lots and lots of money!

We must have dumped about 5 dollars in change into that thing!

On the other end of the mall is a beautiful 2 tier Carousel, and although the horses were nice, it was the spinning teacup that was the hit of the day.

We must have rode this thing for at least an hour!

Interesting side note: This is the same carousel used off location in the movie "Hannibal" , which means Graham and I have ridden the same carousel as Sir Anthony Hopkins!

Of course there was also the obligatory stop for ice cream, or in this case frozen yogurt!

Sadly Melissa's office is being moved, so this may have been our final visit to this mall for awhile. Hopefully her new location will be near some new fun things to do!


  1. You can just do what Phil does and reach your arm into the fountain, take a handful of coins, and give them to the kids to throw back in. Oh, I wish I was kidding.