Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We attended the Memorial Day Parade in Gilbertsville. Mom and Dad brought Grandma Shirley. We saw many old friends: the Swifts, my classmates Chris and Steve, the Sperls... the familiarity is comfortable and reassuring.

And yet there were reminders that time passes. Mr. Sadlocha was in the crowd instead of marching with the Boy Scouts. Mrs. Pochy wasn't in uniform with the Ladies Fire Auxilary this year. Rev. Palada played his harmonica during the service at the cemetary; this is his last week preaching in Gilbertsville. It's been 20 years. Mrs. Barb told us that the flag flown was Dotsie's. Just regular people, but they are (like many others) the heart of a small town.

Of course it wasn't all sadness!

There was a kid on a pogo stick, waving flags and the band sounded particularly good (let's hope that's a good sign for Sherburne Pageant of Bands next weekend).

Here's some video for those of you who couldn't make it.

And here's our annual Anniversary photo. Graham was (again) not feeling it. He told us he was shy, and even the promise of some Scooby Dooby Yummy Gummies couldn't convince him to cooperate. Thanks to Grandma and Ruthann for snapping the shots below:

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  1. He's looking less shy and more angry. Oh, Graham. It looks like it was a fun parade, as always.