Saturday, May 1, 2010

Elmwood Park Zoo

Graham and I accompanied Melissa on her monthly trek to PA, and spent a few hours at The Elmwood park Zoo.

It's a tiny zoo in our old hometown of Norristown, and for it's size it does have a surprising amount of things to see, which is good because all Graham wanted to do was "find more animals".

Whatever we'd see he'd stop, identify it and continue running along as if it were a timed scavenger hunt.

The Jaguar may not of gotten a second look, but the "Mommy and Daddy Fox" at least got a pause.

They did have a petting area, and Graham was thrilled to see a barn "like Grandpa's" and to play with the animals he's familiar with.

They also had pony rides! We all know from past experience how much Graham loves a good pony ride!

Grandpa Paul is already talking about riding lessons.

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