Friday, May 21, 2010

Curious Little Monkey

"You never do know what's around the bend-

A big adventure, or a brand new friend

When you're curious, like Curious George! "

Melissa and I surprised Graham by taking the day off, letting him skip school, and going to see the new "Curious George Live!" show at the Stanley Theatre in Utica. We splurged a bit to get the special front row "monkey seats" and an exclusive meet and greet with George himself!

Graham was not shy at all about running up to meet the ape sized monkey, and was even ready for another turn when the other kids had all had their chances.

Melissa and I made this our Mother's/Father's day gifts, and this hug was worth every penny.

Mommy had her share of the love as well, as Graham cuddled with her for the entire performance.

The storyline revolved around Georges friend Chef Pisghetti who is devastated when he loses all his customers to a two bit inventor who created a machine that pumps out square meatballs in a fraction of the time it takes Chef to make his. Seeing how sad Chef is, George enters him in a Golden Meatball Competition to prove once and for all who's balls are better.

Why am I telling you all this? To explain the following photo-

One of the funniest sequences in the show involved the 2 ladies dressed as dancing plates of spaghetti and golden meatballs during the Vegas style cook-off. (This may be this year's Halloween costume idea, if we can convince Graham to wear the chef's hat!)

George of course helps win the competition, and everyone is happy. The finale had 2 loud bursts from a confetti cannon that was a bit startling, but the excitement of the multi colored ribbons floating down around us was more than enough to make up for it. Melissa commented that she felt like she'd just won America's Funniest Home Videos. All of us in the front row were scooping up handfuls of confetti and throwing it back up in the air, trying to prolong the fun.

But soon it was time to go, and the trip to the car was filled with talk of meatballs and monkeys, and a little bit of ribbon kept to "show the puppies".

I bought Graham a shirt from the show. I'd like to make it a tradition to buy one from each concert we attend. It'll be interesting to see how many he'll acquire in his lifetime.

P.S. Batman ice cream may make little kids happy, they taste horrible and leave your face blue.

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