Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Bay Morgan Farm

Sue Jack, a co-worker/friend of mine needed some fence posts for her horse farm, so Melissa, Graham and I all piled into the truck and took a ride out to make the delivery.

We timed it just right because one of her mares had a foal just a few hours before we arrived and we got to meet the new filly and her nervous mother. (Mama horse was a bit apprehensive, so after a quick peek in the barn we went inside the house and watched them via a video monitor set up in the kitchen.)

Graham loved the horses, as well as the bunny, the sheep, and the cats and dogs, and as you can see in the picture above he shed is clothes to become one with the animals. (Actually it was a diaper malfunction, and a dog with muddy paws that contributed, but it was very warm out so we just let him go free)
The horse above is Athena, his favorite. She followed him along the fence line and came to him when he patted his leg and called her.

When asked if he wanted his own horse, he said "Yes, this one".

That being said, I think we'll need to visit again soon.


  1. Don't let him tell Grandpa he wants a pony or the next thing you know there will be one in the backyard. ;)

  2. The "horse and boy" picture made my day. How funny! Looks like you all are having fun!

  3. Liz, Mosi is in the back right corner of the shot-- he's the one smoking the invisible cigar.