Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

The day before Easter we went to Capresso's, a coffee shop here in town, to meet Mother Goose who read stories and hosted an Easter egg hunt. As always, Graham was eager to participate, especially when there were candy filled eggs to be found.

After a nap we headed to the farm for a fun afternoon with Amanda, Ethan, Abby, Jason and of course Grandma, Grandpa and Scout.

Aunt Lorraine sent some really fun outdoor toys.

Easter morning arrived, and although I had to work the night before, I was home in time to wake everyone up and let them know the Easter Bunny had been here! Along with a nice basket of Goodies, the Easter Bunny dug out a big treat Santa had hidden in the cellar from a few years ago. Behold the Estate Wagon!

After finding it (cleverly hidden by the stove) Graham's new ride was the hit of the day.

Although his legs are just a tiny bit too short to pedal it himself, he has become a master at working the tailgate and loading and unloading everything he can fit in it. He pretends he is heading to Price Chopper and has a different grocery list each time (although usually cupcakes are on the list).

Among the other treats in his basket, Graham got a new boat for the hot tub!

After a few times around the tub, we hurried to get dressed and get to church for the Easter service. As always Graham was eager to join the other kids front and center up at the altar. This time he happy came back to his seat when the children's sermon was done (phew!).

Here's a great shot of him with a hymnal.

He looks so angelic, you'd never know he actually wasn't too crazy about everyone singing. At the pause of each verse he would gladly (and loudly in the hushed moment) say "The End" only to be disappointed when the singing of the next verse continued. It must have happened at least 7 times, much to the delight of the congregation. I don't recall what song it was, but even I was surprised at how many verses there were.

Next, we were off to the farm for Easter dinner. Graham was thrilled to find out that the Easter Bunny had also left some goodies for him there as well!

Amanda, Ethan, and Abby, helped with an egg hunt (which could have gone on forever since eggs kept dropping out of his basket!)

Some eggs were hidden higher than others!

Graham also enjoyed a paddle catch game with Uncle Jase-

Afterwards, we went inside to help peel Easter eggs, and enjoy a delicious ham dinner.

It was nice to have everyone together for the holiday, but boy all that excitement was tiring... Graham and I napped about 5 hours afterwards, and still felt sleepy!

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