Monday, March 8, 2010

The Wheelbarrow

When I was a bachelor
I lived by myself;
And all the bread and cheese I got
I laid up on the shelf.

The rats and the mice
They made such a strife,
I was forced to go to London
To buy me a wife.

The streets were so bad,
And the lanes were so narrow,
I was forced to bring my wife home
In a wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow broke,
And my wife had a fall;
Down came wheelbarrow,
Little wife and all.
-Mother Goose

One of the more interesting finds on our recent trip to the Farmer's Museum was a simple wooden wheelbarrow. Too heavy to lift alone, Graham enlisted the help of his friend Tucker.

Still not budging, Winnie offers a little girl power.

Oops... A little too much girl power! Those girls are stronger than they look.

Now if we can only convince her to give us a ride...

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