Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Picture Day

Graham had his first school pictures taken last Wednesday.

I called my mom the night before to ask for wardrobe advice. After more than 40 school pics I was sure she would have learned some valuable lessons. She reminded me of our white dresses, sitting on wicker chairs in front of the white background. Aack! So I picked a colorful shirt, and crossed my fingers.

We weren't there to see all the magic happen and I got a little nervous whenever I asked Graham about how it went-- all he would talk about was Elmo. Of course I was thinking, Great, there's a huge red puppet as the backdrop. (Read: I am not an Elmo fan.) As it turns out, the photographer used an Elmo doll to make him laugh, and it was our dreaded foe The Wicker Chair that should have been worrying me.

Thank goodness for Mom's advice. They all looked adorable.


  1. Side note, I wanted to sing "If you're happy and you know it" on the way home from school today and Graham said, "Mommy no sing Happy Hehah," which translated means, that's Katherine's song (one of his teachers which he calls Hehah) and it needs to come out of my repertoire! Aiyiyi!

  2. you know what they say Mel, if you're going to cover a song you've got to do it better or different. I think you need to mix it up and differentiate from Hehah's traditional Happy. ;)