Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We celebrated the good Doctor's birthday by attending an event at St. Mary's school. "Step into Seuss" had several giant wooden books, with doors you could go through to play story-related games.

The games were cute, but Graham found the doors more interesting. Until he saw the dinosaur with the lollipop teeth behind the Mulberry St. book!

A short climb up a ladder, and a steady grip on a stick with a magnet taped to it and Graham scored a grape one!

With the realization that candy was involved in most of these games, they instantly became a bit more enticing. Here he tries his luck in the "One Fish, Two Fish" pool.

YESSSS!! A gummy Swedish fish was awarded!

Here kids shoot "butter" sponges over a piece of wooden toast behind "The Butter Battle Book." Graham didn't care to shoot the sponges, but happily collected a few to hand back to the kids.

Our final stop was behind "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" book. Two tables were set up and filled with shaving cream, and tiny Cat in the Hats were cut out and stuck in the foam. Kids used water pistols to squirt not only the characters, but themselves as well. Here Graham and his friend Brady size up the enemy, and discuss an assault strategy.

Graham takes a near perfect stance, aims and fires, repeatedly hitting his target.

I like this next picture, not only for his sheer delight in his successful marksmanship, but for the sweet older lady in the background diligently filling pistols with a Dixie cup of colored water.

She laughed when I told her she reminded me of those old revolutionary war movies where the women folk would quickly load the black powder muskets to hand to the fightin' men!
Here's some video of the fun:


  1. He's getting soooo big!

  2. This is Suess-tastic! I love how he goes back and makes sure the door is fully shut after his friend walks through. This kid was NOT raised in a barn. :)