Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bunny Train

Auntie Liz, Melissa, Graham and I met Grandma Jean, Grandpa Paul and Great Grandma Shirley for a trip aboard the Easter Train.

The train departs from Milford, NY and takes you about an hour up the line towards Cooperstown. The antique cars were festively decorated and Graham loved being part of the train experience. Having been read "Train Mice" millions of times, as well as seeing countless "Thomas the Train" shows he was very happy to meet a real live conductor.

After a brief snack of cookies, chips and juice boxes, the real excitement suddenly began...
From the rear of the car strange figures were working their way towards us.
The commotion was met with silent disbelief.


(OK, Truth be told, it was really Bugs Bunny filling in for him as he did in this classic 1947 Warner Brothers cartoon but Graham didn't know that!)

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Scooby Doo were with him as well!
Now for the past month or so, we've been watching the old "Scooby Dooby Dooby" cartoons on Boomerang (It's a cable network I like that plays all the old classic cartoons) and although Pooh and Tigger did score a few high fives, seeing Scooby Doo was almost better than meeting the Easter Bunny himself.
After a quick meet and greet, the train pulled up to a mini station where car by car we left the train to hunt for Easter eggs and get a little one on one time with the characters.
Here we are by one of the Easter egg trees.

Graham was proud to show off his found eggs to the Grand-Folks who waited on board, and was thrilled to learn an important Easter fact. Plastic eggs have candy in them.

Afterwards, having depleted his own chocolate supply, Graham is busted checking out purses for any lingering sweets.

The train reversed direction and headed back to Milford, giving us a few moment to pose for some shots.

Before we reached our starting point though, the kids were called by age to the open car at the front of the train for some giant Easter egg rolling!

Graham was a pro, and although he did pick up his egg once to give to Scooby Dooby, and kicked it a few times when it seemed unwilling to go where he wanted, he was the only kid in our race that made the entire trip up and around the cone. ;)
Here's some video of the trip-

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