Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Declan

Melissa had to go to Philly for work, and having the house all to my own, I did what any real man would do. I invited some girls over for some hot tub action! Well, sort of.

After MANY hours of uneventful laboring, our good friend Erika stopped by to see if the hot tub would ease the pain a little (at least that was the plan). Diana and Bridgette came along to continue their grueling combination of support and structure putting our poor baby mama through the wringer in an attempt to move things along.

Below we find Diana and Erika struggling to do some sort of pelvic air thrusts. For the most part I think the only thing they were good for was a laugh, but I'm a guy, what do I know?

While Bridgette joined Erika in the hot tub (pics were stictly forbidden), Diana attended her own needs. It seems she had been away from her own children for a little too long. Here's my facebook post for the evening-
"Melissa really needs to come home soon- I have a very pregnant woman contracting every 3 minutes in my hot tub (with a friend no less) while another is upstairs pumping her breasts using a hand pump I dug out of our closet. (Funny side note- there were no bottles in the kit, so I duct taped one of the disposable milk saver bags directly to the pump. My Dad would be so proud!)"

After forcefeeding Erika some cheese and crackers, and filling her with enough fluids to float a barge, they left no better off than when we started (with the exception of a few laughs).

It wasn't until 5:31 this evening that baby Declan arrived at Bassett. Luckily I'm working tonight so I snuck up to see them. Here's a pic I took with my phone-

Congratulations Erika, Sean and Killian! (Killian is their 2 year old son, and one of Graham's best buds.)

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