Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Storm is Upon Us

While this photo is dark, there was an eerie orange glow off the snow around midnight.

By morning it was a bright white blanket. Graham used poor Pepper as a booster seat to watch Jules (the dog moose next door) take her morning stretch.

He promptly pointed out, "Jules pooped in snowy!" Isn't this age amazing? :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Graham has been spending a lot more time in the basement since he discovered all the cool toys we've stored down there for lack of space elsewhere in the house.

His drum set, his kitchenette, and the coin operated horse were always the main attractions, until Melissa had the excellent idea to bring the swing from the garage. (We had hung it down there when he was little, but moved it outside when the weather was warm)

It took fun to a whole new level.

I can't wait for spring to bring him back to the playground swing set and see how high he can really go!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Jim works every other weekend. And sometimes I do a crappy job as the primary parent. Like we watch a lot of TV. Or we wake Daddy up to play. But sometimes I come through. Like this weekend we went to the Popp Butterfly Conservatory. We had a great time just walking around and talking to the bugs and critters.

Graham actually took this photo of the tree frog.

And he really enjoyed seeing the butterflies use their camoflauge as they open and shut their wings. The staff is very helpful and was willing to let him help with the watering (I declined knowing I would have to drag him away kicking and screaming).

When he got overheated in the exhibit we took a break in the lobby and played with the resident cat.

We went back in to make some more friends. This lizard was a little too close for comfort.

But the birds got a lot of attention as they picked in the dirt and rolled around. He said, "Eww dirty," and suggested they take a bath.

While he was focused on the ground I was freaking out (a little) as the birds seemed to be dive bombing me. They weren't but let's face it. I am not a bird fan and I had to steel my nerves to not get tweaked out about them all loose and flying and all that stuff.

There was a nice slow turtle.

It was so much fun, we bought a membership. I am looking forward to heading back soon!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snuggle Puppy

Pepper is willing to be mauled day or night. We've been reading a lot of Sandra Boynton board books and our newest one suits her to a T:

OOO, Snuggle Puppy of mine!
Everything about you
is especially fine.
I love what you are.
I love what you do.
Fuzzy little Snuggle Puppy,
I love you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lavender for Lyra

I was really excited to co-host a baby shower for my friends John and Amy. They are expecting a little girl (named Lyra) in April.

The guests included John's (and my) childhood friend Angela, and some warm and lovely women from Morris from our mothers' generation. Some I only knew by face, others I've known well since I was small. Bright, articulate, well-mannered (and even a little baudy), it was a treat to be welcomed into their circle like a full-fledged grown up!

Amy's favorite color is purple, so it only seemed fitting to work that into the shower theme and gift. The favors were lavender duck soaps made just for the event (thanks to Etsy!). I made a baby quilt with a little cat embroidery to commemorate this special year. My mom got the most audible response to her gift-- one of her signature coffee can step stools in the same lavender fabrics. It looked like a flower; so sweet. We even served a lavender cheese from Harpersfield!

It was a wonderful celebration of three very special people.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Graham loves his friend Judy.

Judy is a terrific story reader and usually comes around with a supply of candy... she definitely has his number!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's day! This year Graham discovered the sweet surprises inside those heart shaped boxes. Between Grandma, our good friends Judy and the Woloszyn girls and Mommy, Graham accumulated quite a haul of chocolaty treats.

Those oh so yummy, finger lickin' good sweety treaties...

Although we limited his intake, Graham slowly savored each tasty bite, caught up in a whirlwind of confectionary bliss

until it was time he was whisked away to the sink to wash off his own chocolate coating!

Chocolate kisses anyone?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Declan

Melissa had to go to Philly for work, and having the house all to my own, I did what any real man would do. I invited some girls over for some hot tub action! Well, sort of.

After MANY hours of uneventful laboring, our good friend Erika stopped by to see if the hot tub would ease the pain a little (at least that was the plan). Diana and Bridgette came along to continue their grueling combination of support and structure putting our poor baby mama through the wringer in an attempt to move things along.

Below we find Diana and Erika struggling to do some sort of pelvic air thrusts. For the most part I think the only thing they were good for was a laugh, but I'm a guy, what do I know?

While Bridgette joined Erika in the hot tub (pics were stictly forbidden), Diana attended her own needs. It seems she had been away from her own children for a little too long. Here's my facebook post for the evening-
"Melissa really needs to come home soon- I have a very pregnant woman contracting every 3 minutes in my hot tub (with a friend no less) while another is upstairs pumping her breasts using a hand pump I dug out of our closet. (Funny side note- there were no bottles in the kit, so I duct taped one of the disposable milk saver bags directly to the pump. My Dad would be so proud!)"

After forcefeeding Erika some cheese and crackers, and filling her with enough fluids to float a barge, they left no better off than when we started (with the exception of a few laughs).

It wasn't until 5:31 this evening that baby Declan arrived at Bassett. Luckily I'm working tonight so I snuck up to see them. Here's a pic I took with my phone-

Congratulations Erika, Sean and Killian! (Killian is their 2 year old son, and one of Graham's best buds.)