Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pastoral Weekend

What started as Friday night dinner quickly become a weekend long extravaganza out at the farm. Graham made it known that he'd be sleeping over as he dismissed Jim and I at bedtime and sent us back to Oneonta to take care of the pups.
We returned Saturday morning -- and there was so much to do, we didn't leave until Sunday night.

We were hoping to sled but it was really just too cold. But back in the house I was granted permission to take Mom's new sewing machine for a spin. Wow. I think I need a new sewing machine :)! I completed a baby quilt and Mom helped me wrangle the new living room curtains that had been haunting me for months.

Graham had a great time helping in the kitchen.

And helping himself as well. He loved Patty's homemade crescent rolls so much that we had to literally chase him around the house to get them back...

Jim and Graham reenacted a Christmas pose from 2007 and 2008. I don't know how many more years Jim's going to be able to lift Graham up-- he's getting so tall.

By suppertime Sunday we were all pretty slap happy.
Driving home, Graham was quick to use a new word: Sleepy.

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