Monday, December 28, 2009

A Snowy Day

There was a dusting of snow on the ground and the elementary school was on holiday, so we decided to take Graham for a spin in his new sled (Thanks Betsy and Deano!) over at the playground.

Graham is definitely a fan of a chauffered ride. And after both Daddy and Mommy took a turn, he decided he might be able to do it himself.

(It was a little heavy!)

I'd forgotten it can be tough to keep your mittens on... we spent a lot of time struggling with that. He was clearly dismayed that I was slowing him down for such a trivial matter!

I'd also forgotten how puffy snow pants make you walk like a zombie...

All in all, a successful winter outing!


  1. Mel, why are you making a chicken noise in the background when he drops the sled? ;)

  2. The wind is deceiving you... I was saying pull, pull, pull.... it was like his 5th try and he finally got it moving...

  3. Where did you get the sled cover? Or was that part of the gift? Benji has the same sled (without the nifty handle). Love the snowy day pics and the new pic at the top is so sweet!