Saturday, December 12, 2009

Discovery Center

Grandma joined us for a surprise trip to the Discovery Museum in Binghamton. This entire complex is designed for the little ones, and has a miniature town built where the kids can pretend play. Here Graham serves us some yummy plastic treats at the Chinese restaurant.

The waiter was cute, but the manager was hot! (apparently oven warmed mustard is a specialty here.)

Next stop was a music store with plenty of things to try.

Grandma and I cashed in our over sized prize check at the little bank!

and Graham got to try out the cockpit of a fighter jet. You can't tell from this picture but the thing is loaded will thousands of buttons and switches. I have a new found respect for anyone who can fly these things.

and finally, the big attraction for Graham- the miniature Giant supermarket. Shelves and shelves of empty products and display cases, tiny carts and even an ATM. I felt like a giant myself walking around in here.

Here Graham talks cheese, and learns how fast money can go at the checkout.

On the way out, we saw Santa! Grandma paid to have his picture taken, but Graham wanted nothing to do with the big guy. Even the well played bribe of a candy cane didn't sway his affections. A quick trip to the vending machine however, and I was able to give Santa the extra help he needed. You can imagine the look of surprise when Santa pulled a bag of M&M's from his sleeve! Graham immediately changed his tune and ran up to see his old friend.

Here he inspects the bag to be sure they are in fact real M&M's and not some cheap knock off.

Satisfied with his gift he quickly returns the offending candy cane to the nearby elf.

Santa said meeting Graham was the funniest part of his day.

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  1. That is the scariest Santa I've ever seen!! Yowsa! Happy Hannukah...Merry Christmas :-)