Saturday, November 14, 2009


We attended the Oneonta World of Learning's 2nd annual Paintfest, where we met up with some play date friends to discover the fun of making a mess. (a.k.a. "Art")

Graham tried his skills at painting cookies with colored frosting gels. You can see by his expression how they tasted. (I should know, he fed me about 3 of the nasty things,)

Tucker, Graham and Winnie learn that graffiti is also a form of art. Good thing they gave away t-shirts, you can tell by the floor how messy this all was.
Below Graham and Winnie paint with marbles.

The event was a great eye opener for Graham who continues to enjoy practicing his artistic skills at home with a paint set of his own. (Thanks Aunt Lorraine!)
Keep an eye out for some upcoming posts of his work.

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