Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Bad Wolf

Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the Wolf
Official Fairy Tale of Budweiser Beer

With some significant help from Grandma our costumes were finished without too much stress. I think Jim made a lovely mature lady, even if his beard did point out a need for hormone therapy. It took a while for Graham to agree to leaving his costume on. The promise of candy, and peer pressure helped.

We had a great time at the Harter's Halloween Bash -- the devil eggs and hot dog mummies were a hit, the jello brain made it's annual appearance and watching the kids play the donut game was alot of fun:

Bride Nicole and Joker Kouadio put up a fierce fight, but in the end Emily was declared the winner after she finished eating her last bit of donut off the floor. Here she shows off her prize- more donuts! (posing here with BFF Aliyah)

The Best Costume Award definitely went to the Hostess for her "Bad" MJ. Just lovely.

We trick or treated at 3 houses... I have a feeling that won't be enough next year! And despite the drizzle, we had a great time watching the parade make its way down Main Street.

As usual the marching band was a big hit, but the highlight was when Graham greeted his old pal, Big Bird from the sidelines:


  1. Was the Rail one of the places your trick or treated? Why does my nephew look so tipsy?
    Big shout out to the Big Bird.

  2. The Rail is out of business. Apparently your bachelorette party did them in. LOL We were outside The Autumn. You know how Graham loves their box of storybooks. The Rail should have taken a lesson from them to diversify it's customer base.