Monday, October 26, 2009

Robot Birthday

It seems the end of October slipped away from us. We'll catch up the blog eventually...

Saturday October 24th, we trekked to Norwich to celebrate Graham's 2nd birthday with all his pals (and lots of extended family, too). We decided a late morning get together would be much more in tune with our nap schedule than mid afternoon. (And I hope no one was too upset about all the pre-lunch sugar.) We hadn't been to Kids' Kingdom since before he was walking, so this trip was a whole new adventure.

Last year's sock monkey theme was so much fun we decided we'd do a self-designed theme again this year and settled on robots. (Fingers crossed we'll get to pick at least one more year before Graham demands Transformers or some other over-commercialized nonsense!)

Jim created a cool papier mache balloon holder (above) and I silk screened robot t-shirts for all the kids.

I also made a robot birthday cake complete with mini donut appendages and a lollipop antenna held together with (a pound and a half of) butter cream frosting.

Graham barely stopped long enough to blow out his candles before he was back on the run.

Here's video of the kids playing:

And a few snapshots of the revellers:

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

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