Monday, October 26, 2009

Pizza Party

As if the Robot Extravaganza wasn't enough excitement for one day, we came home for a special visit with Gramma Strolin! After a little down time, the Tourtellottes joined us for a special birthday dinner at Pizzaland.

Here Graham shows he doesn't harbor any hard feelings that Aunt Abby and Uncle Jason doused him with water:

And it just wasn't possible to get a pic with him and Amanda without a finger being stuck you know where...

I have to say Dad looks awfully dapper here. Nice haircut (and the shirt is cute, too!)

My 3 favorite guys:

Back home, we all indulged in some delicious Grandma Grace's chocolate cake.

Uncle Ethan and Graham had lots of fun making music into the wee hours. If it looks like Graham is about to fall over in the video, it's because even the chocolate frosting wasn't enough to help him catch his third wind :).

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  1. First of all, he doused himself- both times. The kid has cat like reflexes. We tried to stop him and failed. And my injured foot got wet! You know I hate being wet; why would I do that on purpose?
    Second, I love when he lets out that sigh but finds the strength to keep the drum accompaniment going.