Saturday, October 31, 2009


Graham, Anna and Emily jumped in leaf piles on Halloween Morning. Rain was in the forecast, brought in by a warm wind. It felt a lot like Mary Poppins weather to me.

I think Jim and I enjoyed the leaf pile as much as the kids. I mean really, how often to you get to jump into a pile of crackly (dry) leaves and just laugh?

Here's some action footage:

From the inside of the leaf pile, I shot some video of the clouds passing overhead. Which morphed into one of our favorite pretend games-- Ice Cream Shop. The smile on this kid melts my heart every time.

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  1. There's nothing like a leaf pile and some play ice cream to make for a perfect fall day. It reminds me of hanging out in the cab of the truck while dad was doing wood and pretending to sell ice cream out of the small triangle window trucks used to have. And yes, there was a time when we were small enough to be excused from doing the wood ourselves. :)