Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boys Day Out PA Style

While Melissa and Rebecca did the office thing, the men in the family took an unofficial Father-Son outing to the Delaware Museum of Natural History, followed by lunch at Jimmy John's, one of my favorite PA eateries.

The bones of the giant dinosaurs were impressive, and they had several interactive play stations that succeeded in keeping the boys attention for awhile.

The coral reef display was built into the floor, and it was really funny to see Graham brave the walk across it. In fact he had to hold my hand to do so, and if I let go he'd run to the "shallow" side of the glass along the wall to cross over.

Snack time was the only chance I could get to get a shot of everyone together. I have truly not done the blogging of this visit justice and apologize for the lack of photographic content, but with all the chaos of 3 kids running amok I was lucky to get the few shots I did.

Phil makes it look so easy.

And what, you may ask, was Graham's favorite item in the museum? The dinosaurs? The amazing variety of stuffed beasts? The giant bronze statue of a 6 foot dung beetle rolling his dung? Noooo.... It was this-


  1. He really is Uncle Jason's buddy. He never lets a water fountain pass him by either. :)

  2. awww!'
    he's just a wee bit too short to have the water running AND drink it! haha