Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Week with Paul

Fun Facts:

Graham calls my Dad "Paul" instead of "Grandpa." Maybe it's easier to say. Or maybe with Grandma, Graham and Grandpa, it was just too many Gr names. Dad doesn't seem to mind, so we're all happy we can tell who Graham is talking about.

Paul was here for dinner several times last week because Grandma went to Virginia to help Abby after her foot surgery. Each dinner started with a (Paul-supplied) banana for an appetizer.

Graham loves bananas but I don't normally buy them because we never eat them quick enough and then we get fruit flies (scientific name Drosophila melanogaster). Despite my 10th grade biology project on that species, I dislike them.

When Graham woke up Thursday morning, the first words out of his mouth were Paul and Banana. So I had to explain Grandpa was having dinner with friends that night. Major Bummer.

Friday night we went for ice cream with Paul. This was doubly exciting because our favorite Ice Cream Parlor has a stray cat named Butterscotch. And Graham LOVES that cat.

We watched The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday night. Dad told us that Grandpa Frank loved to watch Lawrence Welk.

Lawrence Welk's costume budget must have been enormous. Seeing all that 1970's matchy match polyester formalwear was excellent.

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  1. Please don't ever make us all wear matching yellow outfits.