Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tourtellinger Summit 2009

Saturday afternoon, Abby and Jason hosted the GPEE (greatest picnic event ever) at Neahwa Park. Graham was happy to spend some time with Uncle Jase, just catching up... and then his Aunties, too.

There was lots of delicious food, Bellingers, Tourtellottes, special guests (the Coffins and the Posner-Lawrence clan) and hot air balloons!

In this shot, the youngest Coffins look for a quick way out of O-Town. Good luck Ladies! There are people who try for years and never make it.

Seriously, what Balloon Pilot could refuse these faces?

Here Graham and Serafina start a drum circle:

The day finished with the "Glow" -- about 8 balloons on the ground, with the only light coming from their burners. Dad, Mom, Abby and Amanda (with one very tweaked schnauzer), below.
I waited about 10 minutes too long (AKA Dark Ten, as opposed to Dark Thirty) to get the Coffin Family Portrait.

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