Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Amigos

It was so much fun to see Graham interact with Maya and Gabriella. He was possessive from time to time (ok, whenever he caught me loving up one of the girls) but he also attempted to help give Maya a bottle (which he was trying to snag for himself) and he shared the piano with both of the girls without any fuss.

Alecia fondly remembered how we all used to sleep late. It didn't happen this trip, but we both agree the payoff is worth the sleepless early mornings! (how cute is she?)

Here Pepper and Maya take a break from all the fun.

Hudson Street Taxi, twin baby girls edition:
This is possibly my favorite pic from the whole weekend. Maya has a voracious appetite. And we all know how the Strolin dogs keep watch for any crumb. Alecia barely had a chance to bite her cider donut before the troops were on her like white on rice.

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  1. What a look....that's the same look I got when I accidently set off the alarm at 5 (in PA) in the morning