Monday, September 28, 2009

Southwest Flight 1450

We drove to Albany on Sunday to pick Grandma up at the airport. Graham hadn't been there since he was just a little kid, so it was lots of fun to show him the airplanes. We went up to the observation deck and saw Grandma's plane pull up to the gate. I hoped she had a window seat so she could see us waving.

It took a few minutes for Grandma to make it from the plane to see us in the terminal. The reunion was very exciting. 8 days away is a long time when you are almost 2.

After the smooching, we made our way down to Baggage; it seemed like her suitcase wasn't ever going to come out onto the carousel. Lucky for us, it wasn't lost after all. (And it made a really comfy ride!)

All that work tuckers a kid out. Thank goodness Graham could rest on the ride home.


  1. Such a cutie. It's good to teach him early the right way to greet a woman at the airport. :)

  2. Yeah not with a crazy uncut mop of hair and unshorn face for months LOL not like we knew anyone who ever did that ;)