Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of School

Graham spent his first morning at Bugbee today.

Papa did the drop off without too much fuss. When I picked Graham up, I peeked through the window to see him happily looking at books with his teacher and a couple other kids-- still wearing his hat. (His teacher, Shelly, explained he didn't want to get undressed after recess, so keeping the hat was a compromise.) Well, once he saw me, he looked agast and covered his mouth with his hand. There was almost a smile-- then the crocodile tears!
After he calmed down, Graham said he had fun with the kids and that he liked his lunch. I told him, "Tomorrow you get to see the kids and Shelly again, isn't that fun?" He replied yes, with a smile. Let's hope he feels the same in the morning!

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