Saturday, August 8, 2009

Otsego County Fair

We went to the annual Otsego County Fair to take in some of the activity. They had cows, lambs, rabbits, and this year they even had kangaroos (with a joey), a (sleeping) black panther, lemurs and capuchin monkeys.
Graham loved just about every animal he saw, but the goats were especially friendly.

After the animals, we went to the Grange Hall for some dinner, and hearing music we decided to check out the band while Graham enjoyed his hot dog.
The band it turns out was more of a karaoke set up. I don't think the guy is really even playing his guitar, but the woman was full of "How-dee's" and the crowd seemed to like it, especially the cowboy below who was dancing a happy jig.

Graham (luckily) wolfed down his hot dog so we made a hasty retreat to get him another one.
This time we went to see the talent show finals, and were surprised to find Great Grandma Shirley sitting there! She even got an unprecedented kiss!

Since he had such a great dinner, we took him to get an ice cream while they set up for the show.

Graham has a strange way of eating ice cream. He eats a little off the top, but then turns it sideways, bites the cone in the middle and sucks the ice cream out like Dracula. It's funny to watch, but incredibly messy.

After a few acts of the show we decided we better heading home. We passed a cotton candy stand and the nice lady gave him a free sample. (as if he wasn't sugared up enough!) Here he tries it for the first time.

After that delicious experience we passed the fairground track where they were holding a tractor pull competition. Melissa thinks at one time local farmers would enter their own tractors for this kind of event, which frankly would have been nice, but it seems to have been taken over by "professionals". We knew we were in for a treat when we saw the tractors all had roll cages.

What we didn't expect though was the noise level of these monsters and the insane amount of smoke and fumes they released into the air that probably shortened the lifespans of all the paying spectators trapped in the stands.

Last stop on the way out was at the midway, where Graham tried his luck and threw 4 baseballs at a Spongebob target and he nailed each one!

Well, OK - he threw 4 balls on the ground in front of the targets, but he had a great time doing it, and even won a prize for his efforts.

The Otsego County Fair really is the best 6 days of summer!


  1. I think Abby and Amanda could hit the road with Ab's Karaoke Machine and make some good money. I think those people said they travelled 6 months of the year-- it would be better than being Carnies...

  2. We could see the world! Too bad my Cowgirl Barbie outfit doesn't fit anymore...